Spousal Support (Alimony)

Spousal Support is another issue that frequently occurs in a marital dissolution action. There are two occasions that the court issues spousal support orders. Before trial, the court issues temporary or interim spousal support. This is intended to last until the case concludes. A case concludes by either trial or by an agreement, and in this situation, the spousal support is considered permanent support. Permanent support can be limited to a specific date where it terminates, or when circumstances exist, the court can modify the award.

Temporary spousal support is based on the needs of a party, and permanent spousal support is based on the consideration of numerous statutory factors that a court must consider when it makes a permanent spousal support award. A permanent spousal support order can be modified, based on a change of circumstances of either parties’ statutory factors. I have significant experience in handling spousal support for both those who seek it and for those who are ordered to pay it.

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