Child Support

Determining child support can be a straight forward easy process or it can be a complicated process depending upon the type of employment of each party. When both parties are employed and are receiving income from an employer, calculating child support can be a straight forward and easy. When a party is self employed, hiding income, working under the table, or if their work has seasonal increases and decreases, then determining child support can be a complicated process.

The typical calculations involved in a child support guideline involve each party’s gross monthly income, their mandatory deductions, and the amount of time that each parent is with the child.

Each county in the State of California has established a Department of Child Support Services, which seeks to recover funds provided to children to whom the state is providing financial entitlement benefits. In these cases, the state will seek to obtain a child support award against the non-custodial parent. The state has the ability to sue non-custodial who are residing in other states, to recover the financial benefits that it is providing for their children.

It is my experience, that the state has improperly sued non-custodial parents, and I have been successful in setting aside large sums of child support that the court has previously ordered a non-custodial parent to pay.

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